Mission Statement
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Join Illinois Interagency Nutrition Council in recognizing programs that promote healthy lifestyles. Nominate a deserving program in your community. Deadline for nominations are February 15, 2011.
2011 Community Partnership Award Announcement
2011 Community Partnership Award Nomination Form

Guiding Principles
It is important for the people in Illinois communities to be aware of the existence of community nutrition programs.
  1. Community nutrition programs are important to the health and wellness of all eligible people.
  2. Community nutrition programs should work together to address food security through cooperation and coordination to maximize resources.
  3. Healthy lifestyles, which include optimal nutrition and physical activity, are important for all.
  4. Fostering collaborative relationships enhances the effectiveness of all programs.

Objectives for the Illinois Interagency Nutrition Council (INC) include the following:
Objective #1: To share information among food assistance programs.
Objective #2: To increase access to community nutrition programs.
Objective #3: To provide educational opportunities related to food assistance programs.
Objective #4: To encourage involvement of nutrition programs in community collaborations.


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